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Three Player Chess Set

Chess for Three
    Chessboard dimension:27.5 / 43 cm - best size
    Height of King:6.3 cm

Played by three players

* Each player competes against the other two players.
* The winner is the player who checkmates one of his/her opponents first.
* The loser is the player who is checkmated, together with the player who stands idly by or even helps another player to checkmate.
* You have to concentrate not only on your own defence and attack, but also on the defence of the second player from the third.
! The strategy is identical to that of classical chess.
! The red player opens the game, always (depending on the game strategy) focusing on the position of his/her queen (E 12 or I 12), followed by the white player and then the black one, and again by the red player, in the same succession.
! Chessmen moving across the diagonal, leaving the half of the board where they were standing, through the central point of the chessboard, can move either to the left or to the right.
Checkmates are "single-coloured" or "double-coloured." A single-coloured checkmate is a checkmate made exclusively with one's own forces, and a double-coloured checkmate is made with the help of the third player's chessmen, i.e. the position of his/her pieces. Producing a situation in which one of the remaining players can use my chessmen to checkmate the third player is considered my mistake. If another player checkmates with the use of my bishop or any other chessmen, I also lose.

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