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Cocker Spaniel Female
Cocker Spaniel Male
Poodle Male
Poodle Female
English Terrier Female
English Terrier Male
Pitbull Males
Pitbull Female
Colie Females
Colie Males
Boxer Females
Boxer Males - 13x15x8.5 cm (5.12"x5.91"x3.35")
Dalmatin Females - 10x12x10 cm (3.94"x4.72"x3.94")
Rotvajler Females - 13x15x10.5 cm (5.12"x5.91"x4.13")
Rotvajler Males - 14x16x12 cm (5.51"x6.30"x4.72")
Shepherd Females - 11x14x11.5 cm (4.33"x5.51"x4.53")
Shepherd Males - 12.5x15.5x13 cm (4.92"x6.10"x5.12")
Sleuth Females - 10x14x11.5 cm (3.93"x5.51"x4.53")
Sleuth Males - 10.5x15x12.5 cm (4.13"x5.91"x4.92")
Dachshuld Females - 7.5x8.5x7.5 cm (2.95"x3.35"x2.95")
Dachshuld Males - 8x9.5x9.5 cm (3.15"x3.74"x3.74")
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Shepherd Females

Shepherd Females - 11x14x11.5 cm (4.33
    11 x 14 x 11.5 cm

These muzzles have a special plastic/rubber surface which can last up to 50% longer, and are completely safe and non-toxic.

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